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How to stop hair loss?

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It is not a secret that a large group of men, at a general level, suffer from baldness or hair loss, but most do not seek the help of a professional but use different products that could worse their situation. It is very important to go with an expert since they have the techniques and knowledge to help you to stop your hair loss. If you are in Spain the Fuengirola Barbers are the best because they use natural products to treat cases of hair loss since and are less aggressive than artificial chemicals.

Hair type in men

It’s important to know what kind of hair you have because it affects to the kind of products you should use to get better results. The most common types of hair are:

  • Curly: this type of hair has a lot of volume and tends to grow down.
  • Smooth: it usually only has a subtle curve in the root but it is very manageable since it grows in the form of an s.
  • Kinky: this hair has a spiral shape and is strong.

How to stop hair loss

  • If you have a very fine hair type is very important to strengthen it with various types of natural oils (coconut oil, almond, resin, etc) to increase its development and stimulate from the root with various massages so that it grows again more stronger and healthier.
  • There are vegetables and fruits that have properties that helps you to stop your hair loss, such as beets or avocados, just to mention only two. You can make a paste of these products and use it on your scalp. This use has been shown to help people to stop the symptoms of their hair loss as they are very rich in various vitamins and minerals that stimulate the hair regrowth.
  • Stress is a very important factor can be the main cause of the hair loss and it is proven that can cause alopecia. For this reason, it is very important that you go to a professional barber so they can study your case and tell you if medical intervention is necessary.
  • Currently, there are many hair products which can have side effects or just do not work to certain people who may have a very delicate hair type. So, it is recommended to consult with your trusted barber which would be the best product to keep the hair since he knows what would be the best product for your hair type.

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