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From the neighborhoods of Caracas to the best barber shops in the world.

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From priest student to international barber

It all started at the Santa Rosa de Lima Seminary in Caracas. I was in the first year and the boy who cut the hair there was in his last year of course, so I asked him to teach me the trade in order to take over his work the following year. That is how, thanks to my teacher José, I began to cut the hair of my classmates.
Then after leaving the seminary …

Dear reader, I think it is fair to mention that my passion for barbershop comes from the story of overcoming a friend who was thrown out of his house by his father at the age of 15 for being gay just with what he was literally wearing. ..

When I met him, this man owned one of the most important hairdressers in the center of Caracas.

It was like this and thanks to this story of personal improvement that my interest in learning this trade was born, since I was also very poor and was also thrown out of home, not because I was gay but because I was restless and rebellious.

After leaving the seminary I worked in an important neighborhood barber shop in the center of Caracas where I worked for more than 5 years making more than 900 cuts a month.

Later, when I came to Spain, I set up my first Barber Shop in Estepona, which I had to close due to health problems after a year.

Eventually I went to live in Norway where I was lucky enough to join the team of Lord Jack Knife, one of the great masters and pioneers of barbershop in Europe.

There I worked in one of the 10 best barbershops in Europe, according to some international magazines.

Working with the elite barber master with whom I spent over two years, it radically changed my view of barbershop.

Upon returning to Spain, I directed important projects in the barbershop sector in Marbella. But seeing the shortcomings, which allowed me to know the market to be able to create my own barbershop concept.

Thus in 2018 Kaizen Barber was born, a place that in 2021 would finally adopt the name of my personal brand Sir Franklin Monasterios.

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Why Sir Franklin Monasterios

The story goes that in Norway would be born who would be the love of my life and my queen forever, my daughter for whom I am undoubtedly a gentleman, so I knew one day when I landed on one knee on the ground. shoulders his wand of queen and said to me «You the formerly known as Franklin the dancer, from today you will be known as Sir Franklin Monasterios, to safeguard and protect the millenary workings of the barber shop»

That was how I went from a simple mortal to a Knight of my daughter’s heart

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