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Only through continuous learning, methodology and optimization of work will we be able to grow as professionals and as people. There is a belief that the barber is a person who learns the trade because his cultural level does not allow him to go further.

Today the barber profession continues to evolve and provides the opportunity to have a stable, lucrative and fun job where the expression «Every head is world» takes on a new meaning.

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We learn

Theory and study material

In any study, not only practice is necessary, it is also necessary to know and understand everything we do in order to better develop our tasks, for this we must have valuable written material and different theories that reinforce our manual skills. Barber Mijas Costa

We learn

Work tools

Our work tools are an essential part of our day to day, so we must know how to use them, take care of them and the delicate function of each of them, in this way we will make the most of their functions in each job.

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We learn

Cutting techniques

We use different techniques, both classic and modern to achieve the best look for our clients.

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We learn

Visagism and personalized advice

Each face has very different features and features, so it is important to know the techniques of visagism, with them we can modify defects, shape the face and create personalized images. Barber Mijas Costa

We learn

Shaving types and techniques

For generations men have developed different shaving techniques, but nothing compares to the feeling of being shaved with techniques, towels and products skillfully used by a good barber.

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We learn

Customer service and productology

Each skin and hair requires and deserves care according to its own characteristics, the good barber must know the products that can help improve and maintain the health of the skin and scalp.

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More than an academy

In addition to 100% personalized training, we have the possibility of accompanying new barbers in their professional and personal growth, providing them with the experience of more than 23 years in the profession, thus ensuring success and that they can achieve their goals..